DSI provides software solutions that enable end-to-end visibility, optimization and execution across the extended supply chain. We equip the new breed of supply chain; the digital supply chain; to be more connected, intelligent, scalable and rapid.


Our Mobile Enterprise Platform is a single solution that offers comprehensive mobile functionality. This robust platform integrates with your company’s existing enterprise systems and gives you the tools and foundation you need to develop and deploy an application to virtually any mobile device at any time, anywhere. As a result, an optimized, mobilized supply chain won’t be an out-of-reach goal—it will become your reality.
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Fast, Scalable, Secure: Our enterprise-grade cloud platform allows you to quickly and easily mobilize any or all of your supply chain processes. This complete platform as a service (PaaS) solution enables you to solve today’s supply chain needs and scale for tomorrow’s without the cost or hassle of buying and managing on-premise servers. With DSI Cloud, you can start small and grow as big as you need.
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We’ve channeled our extensive supply chain and mobile technology expertise into creating agile, efficient solution accelerators that add a critical layer of mobile functionality to existing enterprise systems. Tap into our array of mobile enablers that are specifically tailored to meet your industry and business needs and can quickly be deployed to help you earn a faster ROI on your mobile investment while you mobilize key supply chain processes.
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Technology has been our passion for more than 30 years, and as a result, we’ve developed the efficient, innovative solutions to help companies take control of their mobile futures and create sustainable, optimized business advantages. Additionally, our depth of industry insight ensures you’re investing in a strategic, industry-specific transformation that will help give your company a competitive edge in an increasingly demanding marketplace.
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Gold Eagle® Co. manufactures and distributes automotive chemicals designed to protect and improve the performance of a range of vehicles and equipment. But to boost their own performance, they needed real-time visibility and execution across the supply chain to keep up with a growing market.

“The DSI mobile platform ensures a true and accurate inventory statement at all times, thus facilitating a better sales order to ship process.”

— Mashaune Hardy, Senior Business Analyst, Gold Eagle



AEGION Engineering & Construction

Time-consuming manual processes. Limited visibility into job sites and facilities. Impaired asset tracking. These challenges (among others) spurred Aegion Corporation’s search for a mobility solution that could solve some of the company’s most pressing business problems.

“We can truly develop the solution to the exact needs we have as an organization. We can make it easy for our people to do business.”

— Thys Lourens, Aegion’s CIO



Dewhirst Group, LTD. Manufacturing & Distribution Retail

Dewhirst Group has experienced immense growth in their 100+ years of operation, but with manual warehousing and distribution processes, the company found it difficult to keep up with its rapidly scaling customers.

“The technology is robust and efficient—we are able to quickly integrate our dispatch processes with our ERP solutions.”

— Paul Medforth, Dewhirst’s IT manager



Trek Bicycle CorporationManufacturing & Distribution

Crowded warehouses. Outdated processes with limited visibility of data. The second-largest bicycle manufacturer in the world needed to mobilize its workforce.

“Putting real-time information in the hands of our warehouse personnel improved our productivity by more than 20%”

— Mike Bentheimer, Supply Chain Analyst



Womble Company, Inc.Manufacturing & Distribution

Four stockyards. 165 acres. 155,000 linear feet of pipe per day. Womble’s manual, paper-based processes made it impossible to keep up. Womble struggled to track customer inventory throughout its vast operations. Man hours were lost, production was slowed and customer orders were delayed.

“DSI is taking our customer service capabilities to an unprecedented level. And at the end of the day, implementing a system like this allows us to enter an order faster and produce our product quicker so we can respond to our customer in a timely manner. This, in turn, allows us to invoice our customer and collect our money faster, so we can improve our cash flow."

— Nick Stefanakis, Chief Financial Officer of Womble



Mentor Worldwide LLCAgribusiness Life Sciences

Complex manual business processes made meeting stringent regulatory requirements difficult for Mentor Worldwide LLC, a leading supplier of saline and silicone breast implants and other products for the global aesthetic medicine market.

“The DSI applications we use have been validated and documented. DSI saved us many hours of effort in fulfilling this requirement."

— Fred Schulte, Information Technology Manager for Manufacturing and Distribution, Mentor Worlwide LLC


Old Dutch

Old Dutch FoodsAgribusiness CPG Retail

Leading snack food provider, Old Dutch Foods, has built a reputation for quality that spans more than eight decades—and lots of chips. Yet that attention to detail wasn’t reflected in the company’s cumbersome supply chain process that delivered little value to all involved.

“DSI provides us a single platform to handle all our mobile needs from warehouse operations through direct store delivery."

— Tom Nollan, Director of IT for Old Dutch Foods