DSI Mobile Technology

Choose your apps. Choose your devices.

Smartphones and tablets (BYOD):

DSI supports all leading mobile operating systems, including Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows. And knowing that different employees have different device preferences, our Multi-View™ technology  allows you to support BYOD.

Mobile Computers and Rugged Devices:

Equip your information workers with the right devices for their environments. From the job site to the warehouse, the shop floor to the field — DSI provides and supports your mobile technology. We independently certify our mobile solutions with the industry’s most prominent manufacturers.

Barcode Scanners and RFID Readers:

DSI provides and supports the industry’s leading handheld and fixed-position barcode scanners and RFID readers. Instantly relay information to your back-end systems, removing the barriers between your employees and your enterprise software. Your investments are leveraged with DSI.

Browser and Thin Clients:

The DSI Mobile Enterprise Platform allows your employees to run applications in a web browser or a simple telnet client.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M):

The DSI Mobile Enterprise Platform features machine-to-machine (M2M) technology that tightly integrates mobile devices to equipment like scales, conveyors, programmable logic controllers, sensors, and pick-to-light systems. DSI’s M2M technology automates unattended processes.

Data exchange between your enterprise software and equipment is fast and secure. There’s no need for direct user-device interactions. Your employees are free to focus on value-added activities, not on manual device management.

Automated Data Collection:

Scanning barcodes. Reading RFID tags. Exchanging data between machines. Whatever your preference, DSI provides world-class automated data collection solutions for leading enterprise software. Eliminate paper-based processes and manual data entry. Make your processes more efficient. And empower your information workers with real-time data, anywhere work takes place.

Cloud and Other Deployment Options:

Deployment options that provide true scalability. DSI mobility solutions grow in whatever direction you do, wherever and whenever you need. Install your solutions in your data center. Have them hosted by another provider. Or, deploy them to the cloud. From a single server to multiple servers, distributed across multiple facilities. Application servers and processing power added whenever you need it.

Social Media Integration:

Tweet. Post. Share. The DSI Mobile Enterprise Platform connects your end users to popular social media networks. Promote products or collaborate with others to solve a problem from the field and on the job. Social media integration enhances the value of interactions between information workers and others inside and outside your business.

On-Premise or Off-Premise:

Inside or outside the four walls — all from a single platform. DSI enables you to enhance your business processes across the entire enterprise. On-premise in your warehouse, on the shop floor, or in the executive boardroom. Off-premise support for field sales, field service, and approvals from on-the-go managers. And applications are always available—truly disconnected, optimally secure.