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DSI is actively engaged with industry and technology analysts from some of the most notable analyst firms worldwide. We are often cited as a cost-effective, flexible and robust solution for Inventory Management and WMS that extends all the way to the customer. Flexibility and ease-of-use within our visual drag-and-drop no-coding environment is often referenced as leading differentiators for DSI in the marketplace as well as enabling a mobile-first supply chain that improves the customer experience. We are continually recognized by technology analysts for our ability to help companies leverage supply chain data and optimize inventory visibility using our innovative Digital Supply Chain Platform technology.

DSI enables a mobile-first supply chain in the digital economy with solutions such as:

  • Cloud Inventory® Services
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • ERP Applications


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What Analysts Are Saying About DSI

DSI is recognized by technology analysts for its ability to help companies deliver enterprise mobile and web applications for supply chain execution using its Digital Supply Chain Platform

  • Recognized for being Mobile-First in the Supply Chain
  • Provides visual drag-and-drop no-coding environment, which stands in direct contrast to most other Supply Chain execution software solutions that require coding to make any customizations
  • Identified as enabling Track & Trace and Serialization both within Life Science industry, and other industries
  • DSI’s Automatic Data Collection and Enterprise Barcode Labeling solutions are on the same platform — one of the only companies in the industry that has this capability
  • Seen as providing innovative solutions enabling real-time inventory visibility in the Cloud
  • Cost-effective, flexible, and robust Inventory Management and Warehouse Management solution
  • Seen as a legitimate player in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) space providing MES Lite capabilities for shop-floor automation and visibility

Number of Analysts Tracking DSI Per Industry


Retail 5

Transportation Technology 1

Life Science 2


Field Service 2


Microsoft Dynamics 1

Track & Trace 1

HpaPaaS 2