DSI 502 – LabelWorks

The use of mobile devices, cloud computing and automated software has made supply chain management more efficient than ever. Simple traditional and more complex 2D barcodes are incredibly cost-effective and useful for building a comprehensive inventory management system. There are three main ways in particular that barcodes save money and increase efficiency for your business.

  1. Time Management – It takes only a few moments to scan a barcode, and the same amount of time to pull that information back up on a computer when needed.
  2. Accuracy in a warehouse can save a company thousands. Manual processes for recording inventory is almost guaranteed to have errors.
  3. Durability – Warehouses can be brutal environments. Some are subject to extreme temperatures, others are especially dry or humid and some hold on to inventory for extended periods of time. All of which can affect the readability of the labels attached to them. Barcodes can be highly resilient. They are applied to all kinds of surfaces and resistant to a variety of chemicals as well as rips and abrasions. Investing in a barcode label for your product is never a waste, especially if you’ve resorted to keeping track of code numbers with simple paper and pen.

LabelWorks is your link between your IFS ERP application and generating labels. LabelWorks is an easy to use package that installs into your IFS ERP suite that can quickly and efficiently send data from any IFS object to your label print engine (DSI EPP, Loftware, BarTender, etc.). LabelWorks always knows about your data as it learns and adapts itself to your IFS ERP objects. Adding a new custom field? No problem, LabelWorks will know about it.

The LabelWorks training class will review how IFS ERP utilizes Oracle database objects and how to create events, custom menus, and objects to take this data and send it to your print engine to create labels. The training class will utilize the DSI print engine called EPP with two different label printers.

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