This document contains internal policies for DSI Product Training offerings and outlines the procedure used by DSI customers and business partners who wish to register for DSI product training. Any questions regarding this policy, or the registration procedure should be directed to dl-enablement@dsiglobal.com.


The DSI Enablement team provides instructor-led DSI Product Training on a regular schedule at our World Headquarters in Kansas City, MO.

The DSI Enablement team will provide instructor-led product training on an on-demand basis as needed.

DSI Enablement is also responsible for the creation and management of self-paced, online training content, which is made available through subscription.

Instructor-Led Course Offerings

The following courses will be available either scheduled or on-demand.

  • DSI 101 Administration

  • DSI 201 Application Studio

  • DSI 311 Form Development

    Self-Paced, Online Training

    A subscription-based, self-paced online training platform, known as the Training Portal, is available which includes interactive learning modules that contain hands-on labs, quizzes, and demonstration videos. The subscriptions offered within the Training Portal are as follows:

  • Administration Subscription

    • Includes DSI 101: Administration

  • Core Development Subscription

    • Includes DSI 201: Application Studio

  • UI/UX Development Subscription

    • Includes DSI 311: Form Development, DSI 321: Introduction to Wire Development, and DSI 322: Advanced Wire Development

  • Development Bundle Subscription

    • Includes Core Development and UI/UX Development

  • Cloud Inventory® Subscription

    • Includes DSI 131: Warehouse Operations and DSI 132: Warehouse Management; 1 subscription user per 30 licensed Cloud Inventory users

  • EPP Subscription

    • Includes DSI 110: Enterprise Printing Platform

Course Descriptions

Course content and descriptions are available in the product education section of the DSI corporate website. Here is the link to that page: http://www.dsiglobal.com/customer- center/education/.



All instructor-led courses are scheduled and held at the DSI headquarters in Kansas City, MO.


Price Per Student

DSI 101: Administration


DSI 201: Application Studio


DSI 311: Form Development


Self-Paced, Online


Price Per User / Annual



Core Development


UI/UX Development


Development Bundle


Cloud Inventory®





Only DSI customers and business partners with valid software or business partner agreements in place are eligible to attend DSI Product Training. Consultants or contractors working for clients that wish to attend training must make arrangements to sign the appropriate paperwork to allow consultants or contractors to attend training as client representatives. Business partners must have a valid business partner agreement in place at the time they register for training.

DSI requires registration for product training via the DSI corporate website http://www.dsiglobal.com/customer-center/education/ and prepayment of training courses by credit card, purchase order, company procurement card, or wire transfer is needed at the time of enrollment. Customers may use their own card, a purchasing agent, or a company official can register and pay with another card.

Enrollment is not guaranteed until payment has been confirmed. Customers will receive an emailed confirmation once registration is complete.


DSI reserves the right to cancel courses for any reason. Customers may elect to reschedule for a different class and date or elect to substitute the registered student with another.

A customer can cancel a reservation up to one day before a course begins to reschedule for a different class and/or date. The course fee is not refundable.

If a customer cancels a reservation on or after the day a course begins, or if DSI receives no cancelation notice, the customer can request to reschedule for a later class subject to class availability.

Customers are welcome to make personnel substitutions at any time up to the first day of the class at no charge. Please notify DSI of any enrollment changes as soon as possible.