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BrightBridge Partners With DSI for NetSuite Integrations

Kansas City, Mo. – DSI announced today that BrightBridge Solutions has partnered with DSI to extend NetSuite capabilities. BrightBridge will utilise DSI Direct for NetSuite to optimise customers’ NetSuite investment with native supply chain apps.

In an industry crowded with a wide variety of NetSuite solutions, BrightBridge seeks partners whose functionality meets the needs of the mid-market wholesale/distribution and manufacturing customer. They selected DSI because of their robust capabilities for native, on-platform Warehouse Management transactions and their presence in the UK.

“We are delighted that DSI’s solutions satisfy important industry factors, including functionality for the mid-market customer,” said Ian Robertson, Sales and Marketing Director, BrightBridge Solutions. “We look forward to using DSI as a single solution for all of our customers’ supply chain needs.”

DSI Direct for NetSuite allows customers to quickly and easily leverage their NetSuite instance with DSI’s mobile apps to create accurate and efficient material handling. It streamlines inventory processes and productivity throughout the supply chain with scalability to grow along with the customers’ business. DSI Direct can be extended with Cloud Inventory™ Services, Last-Mile Logistics and other supply chain process needs.

“This partnership is another mark of confidence in our DSI Direct for NetSuite solution,” said Mark Goode, Chief Operational Officer, DSI. “BrightBridge and DSI will enable customers to enhance inventory processes and boost overall productivity.”

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