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DSI Awarded Another U.S. Patent

Kansas City, Mo.—DSI®, the Digital Supply Chain Platform™ company that provides mobile-first and cloud supply chain solutions for the digital economy, today announced the receipt of a U.S. patent for its rapid development solution, Wire.

Developed by Matt Angell, DSI’s Senior Director of Software Development, Wire makes it easier to quickly design, build and deploy consumer grade apps for the enterprise. An integral component of DSI’s Digital Supply Chain Platform, the now-patented Wire language is easy to learn, yet powerful. As a result, companies can improve employee or customers’ mobile experience without hiring more developers or introducing specialized, difficult-to-learn code. Wire equips companies to quickly create apps with rich, native UX that run on all major platforms.

To meet growing demand for transparency and traceability in the supply chain, many businesses turn to mobile apps for real-time visibility and execution. Wire simplifies the design and development process so the supply chain companies DSI serves can build apps with significantly less code. Additionally, the solution breaks apps down into modular, reusable components to further speed development.

“Wire enables developers to quickly implement rich user experiences on par with best of class consumer applications,” Angell said. “Wire also extends the capabilities of the DSI platform by providing even more options and efficiencies within the application development lifecycle.”

The award reflects DSI’s culture of innovation and commitment to a mobile-first approach. Through development and acquisitions—including the 2015 acquisition of RareWire—DSI continuously improves the performance and user experience of its entire portfolio.

“With Wire, DSI continues to provide mobile-first supply chain apps with robust user interface capabilities. Wire allows our customers to not only implement off-the-shelf consumer grade apps, but also quickly and easily personalize them—or develop their own,” said Matt McGraw, President and CEO, DSI. “I’m glad to see this recognition of Matt’s tremendous work as well as his insights into technology and mobility that bring real value to our customers.”

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