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DSI Releases Dynamic Labeling in Enterprise Printing Platform Version 9.7

Kansas City, Mo. — DSI today announced the release of the latest version of its Enterprise Printing Platform™ (EPP), 9.7, with its new Enhancement Engine. The Enhancement Engine was designed to solve difficult labeling challenges around customer and regulatory compliance, as well as enabling serialization.

Doing business in the digital economy requires multiple product labels. Customers require not only specific formats to win or keep their business, but also they require that labels conform with their part numbers, date formats and more. EPP’s Enhancement Engine can dynamically adjust the label output based on customers’ needs.

The latest release of EPP also enables companies to comply with standards from regulatory organizations. These increasingly complex demands now include track-and-trace, serialization and pictograms. EPP’s Enhancement Engine can inspect the print request and ensure the right label every time. Dynamically change the output to meeting requirements based on weight, destination, carrier, content or other factors. EPP’s Enhancement Engine can rise to the challenge for GS1, GHS, UDI and DSCSA regulations.

Supply chain organizations struggle to create unique serial numbers in one system, let alone with multiple systems and locations all producing the same parts. EPP’s Enhancement Engine issues serial numbers on demand and updates systems of record as well. By integrating with multiple enterprise systems, EPP allows companies to maintain the tight control required to support serialization.

“Enhancement Engine helps solve the toughest challenges customers face with their labeling systems,” said Jim Hoskins, Vice President, App Strategy and Development, DSI. “It creates labels within the exact specifications to keep the line moving and ensure accuracy. You won’t find this level of power or performance anywhere in the industry. We have moved beyond labeling software to enterprise labeling solutions and DSI is proud to lead the way.”

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