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DSI Releases Service Pack with Cloud and IDE Upgrades, Enables Unprecedented Speed to Mobile App Delivery

Kansas City, MO.—DSI®, the Mobile Supply Chain Company™, announced the release of the second service pack for its Mobile Enterprise Platform version 8.1. The service pack includes enhancements to DSI’s integrated development environment (IDE), Application Studio, and cloud offering to accelerate implementation, lower cost of entry and speed time to value.

The release includes a new DSI Cloud Connect gateway installer, a game changer for quickly leveraging enterprise systems of record to create mobile supply chain applications. Connecting to enterprise systems of record (such as ERP systems) can often be time-consuming in its complexity. Even installing and configuring an ERP vendor’s own gateway can be a laborious, potentially error-prone process. Instead, DSI Cloud Connect streamlines cloud gateway deployment, radically accelerating time to value and reducing the friction of connecting enterprise systems to the cloud.

“This innovation lends unprecedented speed to the process of mobile enablement,” said Matt McGraw, President and CEO, DSI. “A customer can be up and running with a fully integrated system connected to the system of record in less than 30 minutes.”

The DSI Cloud Connect gateway also enables customers to upload all users to the cloud, rather than individually setting up accounts. These cloud features amount to a lower cost of entry to implement enterprise mobility. With lowered costs and time associated with implementation, organizations can quickly experience the benefits of a mobile platform.

The mobile platform update also includes a new styles feature within DSI’s Application Studio. Similar to CSS, the styles capability allows users to define style attributes at a high level and apply them hierarchically. With the addition of style groups (collections of style definitions), authorized users can set properties to appropriately adhere to brand standards. In situations where multiple people build an app, this feature maintains consistency for faster development.

“Self-sufficiency and speed are keys to this update,” said Jim Hoskins, VP, Product Marketing and Management, DSI. “Customers can speed deployment and time to value by spending less time on implementation and app design while still ensuring the highest quality user experience.”

Additionally, as part of the service pack, DSI’s iOS client is now a 64-bit app as required by Apple for iPhone 6 and 6+.

As the Mobile Supply Chain Company™, DSI® equips companies with a mobile platform and solution accelerators that integrate with existing enterprise systems to mobilize and optimize supply chain functions. Our solutions maximize your enterprise software investment while preserving data and process integrity across existing systems of record. Visit to learn more.