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Egg Supplier Cracks Inventory Visibility With Cloud Mobile Apps

East Sussex, United Kingdom; Kansas City, Mo. ­–DSI announced today that Stonegate Farmers has partnered with DSI to serve as their inventory visibility solution that will not only provide real time inventory visibility to Stonegate’s warehouses, but also to their trucks in the field.

Moving millions of eggs everyday requires serious planning and preparation. Stonegate needed a solution that would not only help them easily capture and retrieve data, but would also work with their ERP, JD Edwards Enterprise One.

Stonegate’s manual processes in their warehouses and on their trucks meant that few people had access to the inventory information they needed. The truck drivers didn’t know how many eggs they were going to pick up, and had no way to alert the warehouse to how many eggs they had received from each farm they went to. The warehouse, having limited visibility of how many eggs were coming in each day, had difficulty tracking the eggs as they made their way through their supply chain.

Stonegate chose DSI to provide them with the inventory visibility needed to reduce errors and improve their overall supply chain processes. DSI’s Cloud solutions will be used in the field to allow Stonegate’s truck drivers to input the number of eggs they receive from each farmer, insuring that the warehouse is ready for the egg quantity upon the truck’s arrival. In the warehouse, DSI’s solution tracks the eggs through the grading process, cutting down on wasted time and spoiled inventory. Stonegate’s inventory will be available whenever and wherever it is required.

“Our decision to proceed with DSI became easy when we compared speed of implementation, ease of integration with our core ERP system and the “can do” spirit of the DSI team” said James Sheppard, Director of Finance and Information, Stonegate. What really made DSI a perfect decision for Stonegate, is the platform’s seamless integration to JD Edwards Enterprise One software. The ability to leverage their current ERP to work with the DSI solution saved Stonegate money and IT resources. In addition, DSI will become the platform to integrate all their mobile requirements throughout their business.

“Stonegate Farmers chose DSI to provide end-to-end visibility into their inventory, and we are ready to deliver,” said Mark Goode, Chief Revenue Officer, DSI. “Our inventory visibility solution will scale with Stonegate’s growth and adapt with their future needs.”

About DSI

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About Stonegate Farmers

Stonegate Farmers started in 1926 as a small egg cooperative in East Sussex. The cooperative has grown from a few local farmers to close to 250 farmers across the United Kingdom.