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DSI Prioritizes Employee Wellness During COVID-19 Crisis

Unparalleled support helps relieve unprecedented stress, anxiety and eases employees state of mind during challenging times

Kansas City, MO – Furthering its strong commitment to its employees, Data Systems International® (DSI) has gone above and beyond to help its employees and their families respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

DSI’s Health & Wellness Program has been a high priority for the past several years. It’s more than just getting people to the gym to workout. It’s about creating a culture that encourages people to be the best they can be – physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s why President & CEO Mark Goode got to work on the program as soon as he was named to the position in 2018. Emphasizing a culture of wellness has laid the foundation for challenges of this magnitude. As a result, the DSI team is pulling through in strong fashion in all facets of their lives – professionally, personally and financially.

“This program, in conjunction with the medical and financial benefits we’ve established, were all well designed to help employees through a crisis like the current one at hand. We’ve taken these benefits a step further, expanding our offerings to include additional services, like direct personal support from DSI’s Health & Wellness Manager, Nick Markowski, that are specifically tailored to getting people through this pandemic,” Goode explained.

Markowski, who has been with DSI since September 2018, is in the process of personally reaching out to each of DSI’s employees around the globe, to discuss how they are doing and special challenges they may be facing as they work from home. He’s discussed topics from physical health, to diet, to how people are coping working from home, and then directs them to other services DSI has available to its employees as needed. For example, someone suffering from overwhelming stress or anxiety as a direct result of COVID-19 would be connected with a counselor free of charge through DSI’s Employee Assistance Program. Through that same program, DSI’s employees have access to inpatient therapy as well as treatment options as recommended.

“Nick really cares about our employees and has spent a significant amount of time reviewing CDC, state and local guidelines to be sure our employees know how to stay well during this crisis,” explained CFO Mark Baldwin. “On top of that, he leads our efforts related to COVID-19 and how we plan to transition back to work.”

While recognizing the seriousness of the pandemic, Markowski encourages people to look for the positives in the situation.

“This pandemic has disrupted our daily lives,” Markowski said. “While it’s been challenging, it’s also given me the opportunity to learn even more about the DSI team. Simply allowing my colleagues to talk about their concerns and emotions really helps. It’s also important to remind people that the crisis will end – and that in the meantime, they can turn the challenges they are facing into new and incredible opportunities.”

In addition to the support he provides, Markowski also performs live virtual workout sessions with employees, including cycling classes, daily stretches and travel bag gym sessions. He’s arranged to rent stationary cycles and personally deliver them to employee’s homes while employees are unable to enjoy in-person spin classes. He’s also recorded numerous workout sessions and put them online for DSI employees who can’t make one of his live sessions.

With a background in training and an educational background in Corporate Wellness, Markowski has really helped DSI’s Executive Management team drive a performance culture at DSI, which includes a healthy body and a healthy mind.

“While it’s important for our employees to care about DSI, it’s even more important they care about themselves. We’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money into this program over the years. Fortunately, its paid huge dividends in helping our employees cope with the current challenges of working from home and the stress of dealing with this pandemic and its ramifications,” Goode said.

DSI took swift action to appropriately adjust its business plans to reflect an increasingly difficult economy as COVID-19 first began to spread around the world. Already set up to work from home, DSI’s employees had an easy transition to the company’s work from home policy, which was instated in mid-March. In the weeks since, DSI has continued to perform very well financially – retaining current customers, developing and supporting products and expanding DSI’s services to new clients like DocuSign.

“We aren’t just surviving this pandemic – we’re thriving. We have never been more purpose driven. Our employees are excited about the work we’re doing on a daily basis, and we truly have a great future ahead. It’s a great time to be part of Team DSI,” Goode said.

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