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Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Company PT. Kino Indonesia Tbk. Chooses DSI’s Cloud Inventory™ Solution to Achieve Inventory Visibility Across Their Extended Supply Chain

Kansas City, Mo.; Singapore – DSI announced today that PT. Kino Indonesia Tbk. has selected DSI’s Cloud Inventory™ solution to manage their company’s complex supply chain distribution operations.

PT. Kino Indonesia Tbk. (hereafter: Kino) is one of the best acknowledged fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies in Indonesia covering 19 brands in 16 product categories including skin care, food & beverage and pharmacy. After almost two decades in business, Kino products are widely available in big distributors, hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini-markets, cosmetic stores and traditional outlets throughout the Indonesian archipelago. To support a vast network of distribution and retail outlets, Kino required a proven inventory management solution to support their extended supply chain.

With retail outlets all over Indonesia, multiple distribution locations and hundreds of delivery vans, Kino identified enterprise inventory management as their top priority. Prior to the DSI solution, Kino utilized in-house operations.. By utilizing DSI’s Cloud Inventory, Kino will benefit from improved speed and productivity, inventory visibility and accuracy across its supply chain network, while at the same time reduce its upfront capital investment.

“Moving away from in-house operations and into the cloud with DSI’s Cloud Inventory will allow us to get a real-time view of our extended supply chain network, improve our response and speed to market, and ultimately provide a better service to our consumers. With a SaaS based approach, we will reduce our upfront capital investment, and when combined with operational cost savings, it will streamline our operation.” said Likson Chandra, Vice President Director, PT. Kino Indonesia Tbk. “As DSI will be integrated to our SAP and legacy systems, we will see integrated and real time supply chain visibility across our entire network.”

Mark Goode, Chief Revenue Officer, DSI, added, “In the past, we have seen the challenges faced by companies in this region integrating with their supply chain network, especially when engaging with external distributors. Our Cloud Inventory platform will enable enterprises to integrate various supply chain entities, gain valuable insight into end-to-end supply chain visibility, and thereby help them to manage the sales and operations planning and execution. DSI’s mission is to make our customers successful as it relates to all things inventory in the digital economy. We have always recognized that mobile first apps are key to digital supply chain execution. Our customers realize that the consumer experience is paramount in developing a digital supply chain strategy.”

About PT. Kino Indonesia, Tbk.

PT Kino Indonesia Tbk. is a leading local company in Indonesia which produces consumer goods (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods – FMCG). Kino group is established since 1991, produces more than 4600 SKU’s ranging from toiletries, household and personal care, and beverage. It operates seven factories, 31branches and more than 200 distributors, serving more than 1,1 million direct & indirect outlet across Indonesia

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