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Frog Bikes Saddles Up With DSI Direct – Built for NetSuite Inventory Management

Kansas City, Mo. – DSI® EMEA has been selected by Frog Bikes to provide a mobile-first, inventory management solution for their ERP system, NetSuite. This solution will be supported by mutual partner, NoBlue, a company that partners with organisations to implement ERP solutions. Frog Bikes and NoBlue were looking for a solution that would automate Frog Bikes’ data collection, control manufacturing process and provide inventory visibility. The company, with their operation in Pontypool, Wales, sell bikes through independent bike stores throughout UK and mainland Europe, in the US and Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan and directly to customers worldwide.

Frog Bikes needed a solution for their manufacturing and distribution facility that would simplify, standardise, automate and add value. Frog Bikes required inventory management within the warehouse, mobility in the production process as well as finished goods stock management that seamlessly integrated with NetSuite’s transactions in real time.

“We needed a mobile solution for NetSuite that would allow for real-time inventory management within our system. The solution needed to integrate with NetSuite quickly and easily. Seeing how effortless the integration with DSI’s solution was, we felt that DSI would be the best choice for visibility and accuracy throughout the production and warehouse operations,” said Graham Donald, Head of Operations, Frog Bikes.
Frog Bikes chose DSI to implement a solution with DSI’s Direct for NetSuite apps. This native-built for NetSuite solution will give the company inventory visibility and accuracy throughout their supply chain. DSI Direct for NetSuite will allow Frog Bike’s management to leverage information and make informed decisions, quickly and efficiently.

“Frog Bikes was looking for a solution that would support their existing operations, while still giving them the scalability to allow for continued expansion. Not only is DSI able to do that for them, but we are also able to work natively with NetSuite, so Frog Bikes can gain visibility across their inventory for increased accuracy within their supply chain,” said Mark Goode, Chief Operations Officer, DSI.

About Frog Bikes

Frog Bikes is a British company dedicated to making cycling fun for children. They manufacture a range of Balance, Hybrid, MTB, Road and Track Bikes from super-lightweight aluminium which makes it easier for children to learn to ride as well as making handling easier for parents. They sell bikes through independent bike stores and in 2015 won the Export Business of the Year award.

About NoBlue

NoBlue specialises in developing and implementing tailored cloud-based IT solutions for business. Their aim is to remove your business headaches with a single, flexible solution, allowing you to concentrate on growing your organisation.

About DSI

DSI is the Digital Supply Chain Platform™ company that provides mobile-first and cloud supply chain solutions for the digital economy. Visit to learn more.