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Good Fellas SRL has Selected DSI’s Direct for NetSuite Solution to Modernise and Streamline Warehouse Processes

Good Fellas SRL is an Italian fashion company that acts as a distribution management resource for a wide variety of organisations. Good Fellas was looking to implement an inventory management solution to keep up with rapid growth and remove the current paper and spreadsheets used to track inventory.

Starting from the ground up, Good Fellas has adopted NetSuite as their order management system (OMS) and ERP provider. They will use DSI’s Direct for NetSuite to manage complex business operations, streamline inventory processes and boost end-to-end productivity.

“We chose to partner with DSI and utilise their Direct for NetSuite Native SuiteApp solution,” said Federico Santangelo, CIO GOOD FELLAS. “It is simple to use, will scale with our business and integrates into NetSuite.”

The DSI solution will allow warehouse operatives to have all the desired functionality without the need to login into NetSuite. Additionally, it fits in with Good Fellas’ long-term ambitions to automate all inventory operations and provide a ready-to-use platform for new team members without having to take a lengthy training course.

“Good Fellas has seen tremendous growth over the past few years and is showing no signs of slowing down,” said Mark Goode, President and CEO, DSI. “By using DSI’s Direct for NetSuite solution, they will quickly see real-time gains in their operations, becoming more efficient, productive and profitable.”

About Good Fellas

Good Fellas is an Italian fashion company that specializes in the purchase and distribution of dead stock, end-of-season stock, special production and end-of-roll fabric. They have operations in Europe, North and South America, the Far East, the Middle East and are gaining significant share in North Africa. The company shifts more than 600,000 units per year. Visit to find out more.

About DSI

DSI is the Digital Supply Chain Platform company that provides Cloud Inventory® solutions and mobile-first supply chain apps for the digital economy. Visit to learn more.