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Mitec Consulting Partners with DSI to Expand Inventory Management Solution Offering for IFS Market

Berkshire, United Kingdom; Kansas City, Mo. – DSI has announced that UK based Mitec Consulting has partnered with DSI to offer an enhanced solution offering for IFS users.

Mitec Consulting is a Silver IFS Partner, with a wealth of IFS application knowledge and certified technical consultants. Mitec will now offer implementation services range by adding DSI’s ScanWorks for IFS , a mobile, real-time data collection solution.

Charlotte Pitcher, Managing Director, Mitec Consulting, said, “The partnership between Mitec and DSI will combine expertise and delivery of all existing and future IFS Applications. Together, Mitec and DSI will solve IFS users most persistent supply chain challenges with DSI’s inventory management solutions and Mitec’s industry expertise. We share the same core business ethics and approach.”

Mitec is the latest partner to join the DSI EMEA Partner Ecosystem and will add additional support as DSI expands their IFS operations across the region. Combining Mitec’s delivery expertise paired with DSI’s solutions will allow customers to streamline their supply chain operations and enhance inventory visibility across their entire business.

“Collaborating with Mitec will be a major benefit in 2020,” said Alan Clark, Vice-President, IFS Solutions, DSI. “As another Silver IFS Partner, Mitec and DSI’s combined knowledge and experience in the IFS market will enable us to provide a rounded solution and delivery service for IFS users.”

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Mitec specialises in the reselling, implementation and long-term success of our customers in process manufacturing industries with IFS Applications. Visit to learn more.