Platform as a Service

Solve supply chain challenges with cloud-enabled visibility and communication



  • Speed: DSI’s® market-leading combination of rapid development, mobile solutions and seamless enterprise integration make the DSI Cloud Platform the shortest, simplest path to moving your supply chain operations to the cloud.
  • Scale: As your business needs grow, so can your applications and data within the DSI Cloud Platform—without the cost or hassle of buying and managing on-premise servers. With the DSI Cloud Platform, you can start small and grow as big as you need.
  • Security: In addition to ensuring that all data in motion and at rest on client devices is secure and encrypted, all interactions between enterprise systems or data sources are governed by an on-premise DSI Cloud Connect gateway.

DSI Cloud Connect

Connecting enterprise software systems to the cloud has historically been a laborious, difficult process—but it no longer has to be. DSI Cloud Connect provides an efficient way to extend your enterprise software implementation to the cloud, enabling faster time-to-value without complex, expensive and labor-intensive installations and configurations.

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DSI Cloud Platform Capabilities

Using DSI’s Web-based workbench, business analysts with no coding expertise can design, create and deploy complete mobile-optimized applications that leverage enterprise systems and cloud services. Our rapid development approach provides rapid time to value while affording businesses the flexibility to evolve and enhance their own mobile-enabled processes

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  • © Data Systems International, Inc. 2018
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