DSI Cloud Platform Capabilities

Design, develop, deploy and manage apps for any role and any device at any time

Cloud-Based Application Design and Development

Using DSI’s Web-based workbench, business analysts with no coding expertise can design, create and deploy complete mobile-optimized applications that leverage enterprise systems and cloud services. Our rapid development approach provides rapid time to value while affording businesses the flexibility to evolve and enhance their own mobile-enabled processes.

DSI Cloud Connect

Getting the most value and business benefits out of the cloud means using it quickly and efficiently. With DSI Cloud Connect, you can now connect your on-premise enterprise systems to the cloud in as little as 30 minutes, rather than wasting days, even weeks, on competitive approaches. DSI Cloud Connect is the fastest, easiest way to extend your enterprise software implementation to the cloud, leaving you more time to actually use the cloud and put it to work for your company. If you’re ready to make the move to the cloud, explore the full capabilities of DSI Cloud Connect.

DSI Mobile Solutions

To further speed time to value, DSI mobile solutions provide complete componentized multi-tier applications that can be deployed straight out of the box or can be fully customized to support the unique processes and requirements of any business. In addition, business analysts can leverage our readymade building blocks to build entirely new mobile solutions.

Omni-channel Architecture

Leverage DSI’s best-in-class omni-channel architecture to provide engaging and efficient mobile capabilities for any role on any device, from task-focused tools for industrial workers on the factory or warehouse floor, to field workers and mobile professionals, to rich consumer-grade user experiences—all leveraging the same business logic and cloud-hosted development tools.

Alternate Client SDKs

You can employ any SDK or development framework as an alternative to our cloud IDE and omni-channel framework using our platform’s open API.

Enterprise Software Integration

Using DSI Cloud Connect gateway, you can quickly, securely and reliably connect your on-premise enterprise systems of record—such as ERP systems and relational databases—to your own secure instance of the DSI Cloud platform. From there, you can leverage pre-built interfaces to quickly build or assemble composite omni-channel applications.

M2M Integration

DSI’s machine-to-machine (M2M) integration allows you to easily connect physical equipment—such as scales and pick-to-light systems—to the cloud so that you can monitor operations, check the health of equipment and automate process flows.

Offline Support

Our platform’s configurable data replication and transaction queuing capabilities allow mobile users to continue to perform their work when disconnected from the network while ensuring that enterprise systems of record always maintain their integrity. And using our visual development tools, you can easily configure the workflow to address conflicts that may occur when multiple users perform their work offline.

Web APIs

Using SOAP and RESTful Web APIs, you can easily incorporate any cloud service, from SaaS applications such as cloud ERP and CRM systems to specialized cloud services such as payment systems and GIS, into your digital solutions. And with an ever-expanding set of DSI- and community-provided Service Definitions, there’s no faster way to incorporate cloud services into your composite applications.

Data Storage

Securely store data in the cloud to aggregate data from multiple sources and support the scalability required of mobile deployments, without the cost, management or limitations of on-premise middleware and databases.

Server-Side Business Logic

Create and deploy server-side business logic and composite services in the cloud using the same visual development tools employed for creating mobile apps. Invoke business logic from Web APIs in response to sensors and signals from smart machines or by scheduled events.

User and Application Management

Administrators in your organization can use a Web-based console to easily manage users and their roles, ensuring that each user has the appropriate tools for their role and that they only access the data to which they are entitled. Integrate with your existing security infrastructure, such as LDAP, or build a custom user management scheme in the DSI Cloud. Dynamically push application updates from the cloud to users’ devices.

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