Infor Lawson

Easily extend your Infor Lawson capabilities with DSI data collection and mobile solutions



  • Multi-threaded device communications ensure high capacity and fast response
  • Transactions can be queued or processed synchronously or asynchronously
  • Simultaneous integration to multiple databases or application versions
  • Two- and three-tier architecture supports full, thin and web clients
  • Scales to fit an entire operation; add users or sites as needed
  • Protected transactions, data and hardware so operations can continue uninterrupted even if networks fail or the enterprise application is unavailable
  • Write once, deploy to any device or back-end system. Change devices or back-end system and immediately re-deploy with no downtime
  • When you’re ready to migrate your Infor Lawson instance to the cloud, DSI Cloud Connect builds on our integration capabilities to help you connect your Infor Lawson system to a secure instance of the DSI Cloud Platform in just 30 minutes

  • © Data Systems International, Inc. 2018 All Rights Reserved
  • © Data Systems International, Inc. 2018
    All Rights Reserved
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