Get Full Supply Chain Functionality in the Cloud


With Oracle Cloud ERP, you can leverage the rapid time to deployment and low initial costs made possible by the cloud to increase your company’s agility and scalability.

And with the validated Oracle integrations of the DSI Digital Supply Chain Platform (DSCP)™, you have the technology to extend your company’s workflow to any point in your supply chain with mobile-first solutions that seamlessly integrate with Oracle Cloud ERP and equip employees to do business on any device.

If Oracle Cloud ERP serves as your company’s foundational system of record, there’s a good chance you also use other enterprise software and devices. The DSCP is a comprehensive platform that enables you to streamline and optimize your supply chain workflow with a single view into your business as it happens.

The speed, security and lower costs of Oracle Cloud ERP combined with the power, configurability and agility of the DSI Digital Supply Chain Platform: for your supply chain, it’s an unbeatable combination.

DSI + Oracle Cloud ERP: Benefits

  • Multi-threaded device communications ensure high capacity and fast response
  • Simultaneous integration to multiple databases or application versions
  • Two- and three-tier architecture supports full, thin and web clients
  • Scales to fit an entire operation; add users or sites as needed
  • Easily design and deploy apps to any device, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of device type
  • Rapidly deploy new application versions or updates with minimal user impact, regardless of the size of the user base

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