Extend SAP Capabilities With DSI®

DSI’s SAP-certified Digital Supply Chain Platform™ offers over 200 customizable pre-built apps and the ability to quickly create new mobile-first solutions to meet changing business needs.

SAP is one of the leading enterprise software providers worldwide with an extensive portfolio of enterprise software and related services. DSI can take your SAP solutions to the next level with mobile-first apps that work online and offline, enable easy customization and work on virtually any device or SAP version and configuration.

With DSI’s digital supply chain solutions seamlessly integrated into your SAP instance, you’ll be on the fastest, simplest path to automate data collection, mobile-optimize key business processes or move to the cloud.

Outperform your competition with mobile-first supply chain solutions from DSI® and SAP.

DSI + SAP: Benefits

  • Multi-threaded device communications ensure high capacity and fast response
  • Transactions can be queued, which allows work to continue uninterrupted even if enterprise applications are unavailable or networks fail, or processed synchronously for real-time scenarios
  • Simultaneous integration to multiple databases or application versions
  • Two- and three-tier architecture supports full, thin and web clients
  • Scales to fit an entire operation; add users or sites as needed
  • Easily design and deploy apps to any device, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of form factor. Additionally, rapidly deploy new application versions or application updates with minimal user impact, regardless of the size of the user base
  • When you’re ready to migrate your SAP instance to the cloud, DSI Cloud Connect extends our integration capabilities to help you connect your SAP system to a secure instance of the DSI Cloud in just 30 minutes

See it in Action

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Analog to Digital Journey for SCM Visibility

Customer Testimonial


“Previously, all picking was completed with paper notes, and to transact the goods out of stock or into stock, a person would have to walk to a terminal, causing a lot of inefficiency in the warehouse,”
-Chris Sage, Customer Service Co-ordinator, ARDEX.

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Connect your SAP system to a secure instance of the DSI Cloud Platform in just 30 minutes



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