Enable a rich customer experience through consumer-grade mobile applications

What Can Wire Do?

Wire’s capabilities enable user experience (UX) designers and user interface (UI) developers to rapidly design and create rich, consumer-grade user experiences while maintaining the full manageability and security of DSI’s supply chain solutions. Features include:

  • Tooling and XML-based language for UI/UX designers—yours or ours
  • Rich, native UX with Z-order, transparency, blur and ballistic animation
  • The ability to rapidly build and distribute functional prototypes for user testing
  • The option to enhance business logic and integrate with enterprise and cloud services using DSI’s visual logic builder

Increase Customer Engagement, Protect Your Competitive Advantage

In the digital economy, it’s not enough to simply communicate with customers. Companies must engage them with a simple and seamless mobile experience enhanced with supply chain visibility and optimization capabilities. Now that DSI has combined the depth of our supply chain expertise with Wire, DSI customers can deliver apps that unite a consumer-focused experience with real-time, supply chain-driven data like inventory awareness and order fulfillment status. As a result, your customers can access order and shipment information, including product availability or location, that could drive in-the-moment purchasing decisions or prevent them from seeking out a competitor.

With Wire language, you now have the technology to design, build, deploy and manage mobile apps that provide unique customer experiences that help your company stand out and cultivate the brand loyalty that sharpens your competitive advantage. Contact us and we’ll show you how Wire can help you drive revenue growth and improve the customer experience.


Utilize multimedia applications to deliver an interactive brand experience to your customers.
Enhance the customer experience with rich, multimedia choices for consumption of your content.
Deliver information to your customers’ fingertips in an eye-catching, easy-to-navigate format.
Display information in user-friendly forms for easy consumption on any device.
Improve customer satisfaction with purchase, help and feedback options.
Conveniently equip customers and employees with the most recent company, product and industry information.
Quickly share videos and other media with customers and prospective clients.
Identify product location and availability in a preferred geographical radius.
A rich, consumer-grade experience highlights a product portfolio, item details and inventory-aware product availability locations.

Contact us and we’ll show you how Wire can drive revenue growth and improve the customer experience

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  • © Data Systems International, Inc. 2018
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