Use data insights and analytics to increase visibility and give you the performance boost you want

Visualize Supply Chain Data for At-a-Glance Clarity

Take visibility to the next level with easy-to-use data visualization tools. DSI Insights provide analytics dashboards with the information you need to improve decision making and productivity. Gain real-time insight into performance from individual users to end-to-end supply chain operations.

Actionable Data at Your Fingertips

  • Put data visualization in the hands of decision makers to improve operational responses and address threats and changes to increase competitive advantage
  • Improve adoption by optimizing user experience based on usage metrics
  • Visualize key supply chain execution metrics with dashboards for inventory management, service orders, order management and supplier performance

Insights Features

  • View data from multiple sources in a single dashboard
  • Monitor system performance to identify and proactively address issues
  • Give management visibility into operational performance metrics with data collection KPIs
  • Monitor and assess user behavior, including app usage and activity completion rates
  • Determine the source of bottlenecks at the network, ERP and device level


Warehouse Insights

See the inventory that matters to you with complete visibility into your entire warehouse operations

Warehouse Insights can be rapidly deployed to provide detailed inventory visibility and management within your warehouse and across your business. Analyzer enables your power users to configure custom reports, visualizations, and dashboards that can be shared with all your mobile users.


Platform Metrics

Ensure your applications are running at optimal performance

The Platform Metrics Dashboard gives you at-a-glance feedback on the health and usage of your apps and platform. Make the most of your DSI investment with a timely system and app monitoring system to ensure optimal performance across your organization.


Operational Insights

Diagnose friction points, monitor trends and make informed business decisions about warehouse operations

Monitor important factors such as employee performance, inventory movement by item and location, time spent on activities, data error identification for troubleshooting and more. Gain insights including top performers for specific processes, running averages for the number of items picked and duration (time) by item, employee and location.


Customer Success Story

Rally House

Personalized Inventory Management in the Cloud

  • Less than 90-day implementation
  • Processing twice as many orders with the same number of people
  • Ship-to-store customer visibility
  • Visual sorting in warehouse and visual verification at retail stores increase speed and accuracy
  • Ability to scale to larger, multi-site facilities
  • Browser-based printing and design for item, parcel shipping, manifest and product labels

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