Infor Lawson

Moving enterprise data to the cloud

The DSI Platform Empowers You with Flexibility and Self-Sufficiency

DSI’s mobile-first application development platform enables you to tap into Infor Lawson’s extensive library of APIs to design, deploy and manage full-featured enterprise applications that are completely integrated into to your Infor Lawson system of record. As a result, your enterprise data is always up-to-date, accurate and accessible.

  • Manage communication traffic efficiently via packaged function calls to your Infor Lawson system
  • Utilize built-in data replication for on- and off-network functionality
  • Deploy solutions on-premise, mobile or via cloud
  • Access a vast array of data sources with inbound and outbound Web service calls
  • Perform all necessary function calls in the right order, online or offline, to maintain referential integrity

DSI + Infor Lawson Features

  • Ensure high capacity and fast response with multi-threaded device communications
  • Process transactions synchronously, asynchronously or have them queued
  • Integrate simultaneously to multiple databases or application versions
  • Support full, thin ad web clients via two- and three-tier architecture
  • Add users or sites as needed to fit your entire operation
  • Protect transactions, data and hardware so operations can continue uninterrupted even if networks fail or the enterprise application is unavailable
  • Write once, deploy to any device or back-end system. Change devices or back-end system and immediately re-deploy with no downtime
  • Connect your Infor Lawson system to a secure instance of the DSI Cloud Platform in just 30 minutes

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