Consignment Inventory

Maintain visibility into inventory levels that are managed outside of your warehouse

Accurate, Real-Time Inventory Information

Supply chain leaders often rely on partners to maintain optimal inventory levels through to the point of consumption, making transparency the key to efficient operations. DSI’s cloud-based consignment inventory management solution provides visibility of inventory movement through the supply chain and allows information to be accessed when and where it is needed.

End-to-End Inventory Visibility From One Cloud-Based Solution

  • Maintain one Inventory System of Record with real-time access to inventory as it moves from point to point
  • Partners, contract manufacturers and suppliers only see the information they need
  • Leverage the speed and agility of the cloud while maintaining a comprehensive view of inventory, including consignment and vendor—managed across multiple and disparate ERP and SCM systems

Consignment Inventory Features

  • Manage inventory on hand
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Perform inbound operations including PO receipt and putaway
  • Perform material movement operations including inventory transfers, adjustments and cycle counting
  • Complete outbound operations including picking, packing and shipping
  • Access real-time inventory levels and transaction history at any location
  • Generate ownership transfer notifications

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