ScanWorks for IFS

Your IFS Advanced Data Collection Partner

Real-Time, Accurate Data With Wireless Barcode Data Collection

Unlock the power of your IFS Applications and optimize your IFS Applications’ mobile performance with real-time, accurate data collection using ScanWorks. “Work Smart” productivity bundles in ScanWorks support a wide variety of transactions standard for all versions of IFS Apps. Using the productivity bundles or stand-alone transactions, companies can logically combine and simplify process steps and speed up transactions to boost worker productivity.

Streamlined, optimized processes across your business

  • Timely data capture
  • Increase quality control
  • Increase inventory visibility
  • Streamline data entry process
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Improve order fulfillment accuracy
  • Increase customer satisfaction

DSI + ScanWorks

  • Smart screen design and built-in intelligence
  • Combine any number of IFS transactions into one ScanWorks transaction
  • Transactions update and validate in real time
  • Off-line data collection available when real-time networks aren’t available
  • Fully integrated within existing IFS/Oracle systems
  • Hardware independent; runs on any device from Android to Windows
  • IFS independent; no check in/out code required
  • Supports existing labeling solutions
  • Integration with Enterprise Printing Platform (EPP) to manage modern labeling challenges

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Global Technology Solutions, Inc. (GTS) is a Minority, Veteran owned, Small Disadvantaged Business headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Global Technology is a provider of Information Technology Service Solutions, Telecommunications Services and Warehousing/Logistics. We focus on meeting the needs of our public and private sector clients by providing services in the following areas: Cyber Security/Information Assurance, Network Systems Integration, IT Services Solutions, Supply Chain/Logistics and Program/Project Management. We partner with our clients to research, analyze, interpret and understand their business. Our business philosophy is to provide superior value resulting in significant economic and operational benefits to the companies we support. We are successful in delivering results for our clients due to our focus on the company’s core services, demonstrated consistently by our investment in time, resources, technology, and processes.

Global Tech is ISO 9001-2008 certified, providing an excellent quality management system to effectively address all areas of our business and client engagements. ISO 9001-2008 accreditation gives us the quality system to deliver excellence in customer satisfaction. To further enhance our quality systems, Global Technology is in the process of implementing ISO 20000 and CMMI Level 3.

Global Technology Solutions selected SAP Enterprise Resource Planning software on which to operate, enabling the organization to more efficiently support and process client transactions and future organization growth.

We continue to improve and refine our core services to deliver cohesive, high value solutions and services and ensure that our offerings are in alignment with the strategic goals and objectives of our clients.