Field Inventory

Access important information from anywhere, anytime.

End-to-End Visibility in the Field

Companies with operations in the field have unique challenges of maintaining visibility of inventory and high-value assets outside of the warehouse. Whether the inventory or assets are part of a service, sales or delivery activity, real-time visibility is critical to accurately and quickly reacting to the unexpected. DSI’s Field Inventory Solution gives your business a chain of custody so that you know where your inventory is at in real time.

Easily Access Real-Time Inventory Information, On or Offline

  • Allows users to quickly set up multiple locations where inventory or assets may exist
  • Mobile-first application makes it easy for field teams to capture data needed to ensure inventory visibility
  • Persona-based interface allows partners, contractors or employees access to only the information they need
  • Allows field teams to request items or assets
  • Provides visibility info what is not used or needed so it can be redistributed quickly and efficiently
Field Inventory Features
  • Inventory management
  • Parts list
  • Add parts and/or labor service order detail
  • Location and contact information
  • Access and maintain accurate vehicle inventory
  • Equipment history
  • Meter reading
  • Instant customer feedback and service completion sign-off
  • View available inventory across multiple locations
  • Request inventory transfer to a person or location
  • Receive accept inventory transfer
  • Count on-hand inventory to ensure inventory levels are up to date
  • Inspect incoming inventory to ensure accuracy and quality
  • Validate on-hand inventory levels and report back to inventory system of record
  • Issue/Assign inventory to a job or individual
  • Transfer inventory between locations
  • Return unused, reclaimed or damaged inventory to distribution center

Field Inventory Solutions Resolve Your Mobile Inventory Management Challenges

Effective inventory management has become a fundamental issue in achieving the right level of customer service. It is paramount to effectively compete in a fierce market. With solutions that integrate tightly with your ERP, DSI Field Inventory solutions allow for a rapid response to changing business needs.

  • How often has an asset been misplaced or sat idle when it could be helping generate revenue?
  • How often do you buy a new tool to complete a job because you aren’t sure what’s available?
  • How often does work stop while a foreman runs to the depot for tools or materials?
  • Do you know waste and theft are happening but can’t quite quantify the real cost?

Give workers the tools they need to ensure a positive customer experience

Inventory is an expensive part of any business. You’ve got to account not just for the purchase cost, but also all other associated costs such as storage, handling and insurance. Having the right amount of stock can reduce the risk of damage, obsolescence, theft and deterioration.

If you have teams managing equipment or parts in yards, forward staging areas or on trucks, you may be like many others who struggle to track receipt and usage of that inventory. Accurate, real-time visibility into inventory not only enables your workers to be nimble and responsive to customers—it makes your company more efficient overall, giving you a competitive edge.

DSI Key Solution Differentiators

  • Mobile-first design: Real-time updates and offline capabilities
  • Single system of record: ERP integrations
  • Easy-to-adopt interface: Complete visibility and process traceability across all regions
  • Speed to market: Quick to implement
  • Multi language support

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Customer Success Story

Womble Co. DSI Global technology solutions

Inventory Visibility and Accuracy: Keys to Success

  • Effectively manage their warehouses in real time
  • Combined many smaller tasks into a single process
  • Able to complete processes quicker and easier
  • Improved productivity by more than 20%

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