Field Inventory

Access important information from anywhere, anytime.

End-to-End Visibility in the Field

Companies with operations in the field have unique challenges of maintaining visibility of inventory and high-value assets outside of the warehouse. Whether the inventory or assets are part of a service, sales or delivery activity, real-time visibility is critical to accurately and quickly reacting to the unexpected. DSI’s Field Inventory Solution gives your business a chain of custody so that you know where your inventory is at in real time.

Easily Access Real-Time Inventory Information, On or Offline

  • Allows users to quickly set up multiple locations where inventory or assets may exist
  • Mobile-first application makes it easy for field teams to capture data needed to ensure inventory visibility
  • Persona-based interface allows partners, contractors or employees access to only the information they need
  • Allows field teams to request items or assets
  • Provides visibility into what is not used or needed so it can be redistributed quickly and efficiently

Field Inventory Features

  • View available inventory across multiple locations
  • Request inventory transfer to a person or location
  • Receive accept inventory transfer
  • Count on-hand inventory to ensure inventory levels are up to date
  • Inspect incoming inventory to ensure accuracy and quality
  • Validate on-hand inventory levels and report back to inventory system of record
  • Issue/Assign inventory to a job or individual
  • Transfer inventory between locations
  • Return unused, reclaimed or damaged inventory to distribution center

WBR Insights Report

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Customer Success Story

Womble Co.

Inventory Visibility and Accuracy: Keys to Success

  • Effectively manage their warehouses in real time
  • Combined many smaller tasks into a single process
  • Able to complete processes quicker and easier
  • Improved productivity by more than 20%

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