Inspections & Maintenance

Empower teams with the information they need when they need it in any location

Streamline Maintenance Operations to Boost Overall Productivity

Companies with a large warehouse or facility rely on their maintenance staff to ensure that every piece of equipment is working properly. Maintenance operations managers often work with lean staffs and tight budgets, making walkie-talkies and paper records insufficient for tightly managing productivity and cost. DSI’s Inspections & Maintenance app allows you to increase your maintenance staff productivity by streamlining their operations, ensuring that inspections and fixes are performed efficiently and regulation compliances are maintained.

Visibility Into Inventory Information, Job Details and More

  • Increase maintenance staff productivity and improve inventory control
  • Set up stockrooms, forward staging areas and carts as inventory locations to track inventory usage in real time, monitor rate of consumption and allow staff to find what they need quickly
  • Persona-based access allows team members to see only the information they need
  • Easy to learn and use mobile application increases autonomy by providing visibility to job details, supplies needed and inventory locations
  • Configurable survey tool allows set-up of compliance checklists that are easy to navigate

Inspections & Maintenance Features

  • Search/view assigned maintenance tasks
  • View maintenance history
  • Configure checklists
  • Search multiple forward stocking locations
  • Transfer inventory between locations
  • Add parts used to task
  • Track labor by task or by day
  • Capture photos and notes
  • Operates when disconnected from the internet

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