ScanWorks for IFS

Your IFS Advanced Data Collection Partner

Real-Time, Accurate Data With Wireless Barcode Data Collection

Unlock the power of your IFS Applications and optimize your IFS Applications’ mobile performance with real-time, accurate data collection using ScanWorks. “Work Smart” productivity bundles in ScanWorks support a wide variety of transactions standard for all versions of IFS Apps. Using the productivity bundles or stand-alone transactions, companies can logically combine and simplify process steps and speed up transactions to boost worker productivity.

Streamlined, optimized processes across your business

  • Timely data capture
  • Increase quality control
  • Increase inventory visibility
  • Streamline data entry process
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Improve order fulfillment accuracy
  • Increase customer satisfaction

DSI + ScanWorks

  • Smart screen design and built-in intelligence
  • Combine any number of IFS transactions into one ScanWorks transaction
  • Transactions update and validate in real time
  • Off-line data collection available when real-time networks aren’t available
  • Fully integrated within existing IFS/Oracle systems
  • Hardware independent; runs on any device from Android to Windows
  • IFS independent; no check in/out code required
  • Supports existing labeling solutions
  • Integration with Enterprise Printing Platform (EPP) to manage modern labeling challenges

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