Cloud Inventory™

Streamline and execute inventory operations from a single, cloud-based solution


  • Provide controlled access for inventory visibility to other business process owners, customers and trading partners by leveraging a cloud-based solution
  • Improve customer service by providing real-time inventory availability at the time the order is placed
  • Achieve WMS-like performance with capabilities like license plating and automatic replenishment
  • Automate inventory processes, resulting in improved productivity, lower costs, increased inventory accuracy and better customer service
  • Gain real-time access and insight into inventory information, including in remote, satellite and in-transit locations
  • Adapt quickly to changing business situations through pre-integrated solutions at the ERP and device level, and through simple, easy-to-use user interfaces

  • © Data Systems International, Inc. 2018 All Rights Reserved
  • © Data Systems International, Inc. 2018
    All Rights Reserved
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