Customer Engagement

Exceed customer expectations with order visibility and mobile convenience



  • Create real-time, on-demand access to product catalogs and related collateral
  • Extend product visibility to enable accurate inventory status and immediate order placement
  • Integrate eCommerce capabilities to increase sales for customers (and trading partners)
  • Enable customer self-service
  • Personalize the app experience for each customer
  • Improve mobile customer service
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Increase customer value by sharing real-time information
  • Increase customer loyalty

DSI Customer Engagement SUCCESS STORIES

DSI Customer Engagement SHOWCASE

Utilize multimedia applications to deliver an interactive brand experience to your customers.

Enhance the customer experience with rich, multimedia choices for consumption of your content.

Deliver information to your customers’ fingertips in an eye-catching, easy-to-navigate format.

Display information in user-friendly forms for easy consumption on any device.

Improve customer satisfaction with purchase, help and feedback options.

Quickly share videos and other media with customers and prospective clients.

Conveniently equip customers and employees with the most recent company, product and industry information.

Improve your customers’ access to company information and product details.

With geolocation, quickly direct customers to the most convenient location with available products.

Rapidly access store and product locations in any locale.

Engage customers with a unique experience to increase loyalty.

Easily configure customer-facing apps to accurately reflect your company’s brand.

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