Delivery & Route Sales

Quickly meet customer needs and make more sales calls with real-time inventory, customer and order information



  • Improve customer satisfaction with timely and accurate deliveries by providing the right customer, order and location information to route sales representatives
  • Enhance the customer experience by setting appropriate expectations with customers through complete visibility into inventory availability
  • Improve delivery and route sales representatives’ productivity and satisfaction by eliminating manually intensive processes
  • Increase sales and delivery performance by reducing paper-based processes
  • Increase contract renewals and drive incremental revenue
 resulting from an improved customer experience
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with fast access to customer, order and order history information
  • Enhance customer loyalty by performing on-the-spot surveys to gather real-time customer feedback

DSI Delivery & Route Sales VIDEO

DSI Delivery & Route Sales SUCCESS STORIES

DSI Delivery & Route Sales SHOWCASE

Fully understand key action items by delivery route or sales representative.

Access customer information to quickly reference address, billing and other data.

Confirm customer billing and credit status in real time.

View aging details for improving approved orders.

Fully understand order and invoice history.

Improve customer satisfaction by accessing and storing detailed instructions.

Access direct store delivery transactions from one menu.

View load with itemized list, enter and look up items.

Manage and view delivery stops in route list.

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  • © Data Systems International, Inc. 2018
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