Manufacturing Execution

Better meet production goals with accurate work-in-process information



  • Expose bottlenecks and improve production yield with accurate stock availability
  • Reduce paper and manual processes by collecting and digitizing manufacturing data including work in process transactions, work orders and job details
  • Enable ongoing quality status updates for improved work order management with operator and supervisor ability to change quality status remotely
  • Reduce production over/under runs and identify work in process inventory levels with real-time job status available to operators and supervisors via any mobile device
  • Automate manufacturing interactions such as quality assessment through machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) integration
  • Improve ease of use through gesture-based transactions versus cumbersome key stroke actions

DSI Manufacturing Execution SUCCESS STORIES

DSI Manufacturing Execution SHOWCASE

Quickly understand the job and order status associated with any work order.

Gain visibility across each and every work order process.

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  • © Data Systems International, Inc. 2018
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