Warehouse Management

Optimize inventory movements and customer shipments with leaner warehouse operations



  • Gain real-time access and insight into warehouse operations, no matter where warehouse activities are conducted (even if it’s not in a warehouse)
  • Decrease inventory levels and carrying costs with greater visibility across all warehouse activities, regardless of your backend system
  • Reduce or eliminate the reliance on costly ERP and standalone warehouse management systems
  • Improve flexibility and adaptability for managing remote, in-transit and satellite warehouse and storage locations
  • Optimize warehouse labor and reduce overtime with improved access to workforce requirements and information
  • Enhance warehouse productivity with automated and accurate picking, putaway and inventory transfers
  • Reduce stock outs and late customer orders by gaining a complete view of inventory across all disparate ERP and SCM warehouse systems
  • Enhance track and trace capabilities with handheld license plating and product serialization

DSI Warehouse Management SUCCESS STORIES

DSI Warehouse Management SHOWCASE

Track and trace all warehouse transactions and activity.

Boost detailed visibility for lot, serialization and license plate data.

Track lot numbers across multiple warehouses.

Collect all item and warehouse information via any handheld scanner or manually enter when desired.

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  • © Data Systems International, Inc. 2018
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