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Supplier Boosts Warehouse Productivity With Mobile Data Collection and Printing Platform


Aperture Trading is the UK’s leading supplier of window, door and conservatory systems, including the market-leading brands WarmCore®, CELSIUS™ and Evolve. After acquiring Synseal in early 2019, Aperture now offers one of the widest product ranges in the market across their five manufacturing sites and are poised for significant expansion in the next few years. In order to ensure that Aperture can achieve their growth plans, they needed to transform their warehouses from largely paper-based operations to a completely mobilised system to achieve end-to-end visibility across their supply chain.

The Challenge

Aperture’s manual warehouse operations were a major threat for their expansion ambitions. The main site is 26 acres and consists of multiple manufacturing, storage and warehouse locations. Aperture’s typical orders are very complex, and by extension their picking, packing and shipping processes are complicated. Warehouse processes were largely paper based, which made the organisation more susceptible to errors and inefficiencies. With its very busy warehouse that runs 24/7/365, Aperture was unsure if they should extend their already heavily customised Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality or look for an alternative warehouse management solution so they consulted with multiple organisations to evaluate both options. Aperture sought a solution that would eliminate paper processes and help them achieve complete visibility across all operational functions. Aperture had already invested in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and they wanted something to maximise that investment while transforming their warehouse processes.

The Solution

Aperture chose DSI ScanWorkX to enhance their Dynamics AX investment and warehouse management capabilities. The deployment of DSI solutions into Aperture’s existing Dynamics AX environment was quick and easy, giving Aperture a seamless transition to barcode scanning and automation.

The Results

Aperture now uses DSI ScanWorkX to streamline transactions and increase inventory visibility, accuracy and execution across Aperture’s entire organisation. This has brought a boost in customer satisfaction rates; the number of orders with wrong or missing parts has reduced by 7 to 8%, leading to a new order accuracy rate of 98%.

DSI worked with Aperture to ensure the software and warehouse terminals were a good fit for the barcode scanning requirements and vehicle mounting restrictions. DSI worked with Aperture to ensure DSI’s software and warehouse terminals would seamlessly fit with Aperture’s barcode scanning requirements and vehicle mounting restrictions. DSI’s bespoke system allows Aperture’s vehicle operatives to perform optimally without any health and safety risks.

Aperture has also seen their sustainability levels increase. The manufacturing process has become so efficient that they’re now repurposing 99% of their scrap material and will soon be looking to purchase additional scrap material from other organisations to use during manufacturing processes.

By using Microsoft Dynamics AX with DSI as the single system of record to access real-time inventory information at any point of their supply chain, Aperture has removed all paper-based processes and resolved process bottlenecks present with their previous warehouse management system.


Manufacturing & Distribution


  • Uses DSI ScanWorkX® to expand across multiple channels to create a very efficient distribution network
  • Deployed quickly and easily into existing Microsoft AX environment
  • Eliminated paper-based warehouse processes
  • Achieved broader visibility across departments with one data source in Microsoft
  • Future-proof migration to Dynamics 365

“We use DSI and their ScanWorkX solution to resolve further distribution bottlenecks, and our wider partnership with DSI will help us to implement a highly agile, digital supply chain.”— John Brown, Supply Chain Director, Aperture Trading

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