ARB DSI® Cloud Inventory® Solutions

Achieving End-To-End Warehouse Support

ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories. Since its founding in 1975, ARB has secured their status as a market leader in its space. They have factories in Melbourne and Thailand and an export network that extends across more than 100 countries. Their philosophy—quality, reliability and practicality above all else—has driven them to grow into the company they are today.


To maintain their promise of high quality and reliable products, ARB needed a new system to optimize and advance their supply chain processes. They were already using JD Edwards, and they wanted to introduce advanced warehousing processes to achieve a more sustainable supply chain, reduce errors and increase visibility into inventory. ARB needed flexibility in their solution to support their complex inventory stock handling needs and support ongoing process improvement programs. ARB wanted a system that could not only improve their home base in Australia, but also extend to international divisions. Being a large vertically-integrated company, the solution needed to work across their manufacturing, distribution and retail operations.


After searching for a flexible, easy-to-use solution, ARB selected the DSI Platform to transform their JD Edwards system and boost warehouse processes. ARB now has the capability to support the entire product journey, whether it requires basic or advanced warehouse processes. DSI has the flexibility to grow alongside ARB, so it will support them no matter what the future brings.

ARB now has efficient cycle counting processes to help them achieve a more accurate, real-time view into inventory at any time. They use cycle counting for their distribution centers, which are location controlled, and their retail outlets, which are not. It has also now been extended to their U.S. and Middle Eastern operations. Additionally, ARB uses DSI as a multifaceted solution for picking and receipting by order and container. They use pallet build and putaway apps to optimize the flow of inventory in the warehouse. ARB also uses DSI applications for kitting items, serializing items scanning and validation.


ARB’s warehouse is running more efficiently than ever before, inventory is more accurate and picking and putaway errors have been significantly reduced. They have a more productive way to execute and record business processes at every point in their supply chain. For ARB, improved efficiency at every point means one important thing: a better customer experience. At the end of the day, DSI helps ARB keep their promise of quality, reliability and practicality to their customers.


Manufacturing & Distribution


  • Increased productivity in the warehouse
  • Improved visibility with effective cycle counting
  • Heightened customer service capabilities
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