Design Imports

Textiles Manufacturer Manages Global Demand With Custom Apps and DSI’s Enterprise Printing Platform

Design Imports (DII) is a wholesale company with over 25 years of experience designing and producing a wide range of products, including functional kitchen textiles, table linens and decorative accessories. DII products are sold by major retailers and found at online stores around the world. After a team of designers in Seattle create stylish and innovative products, the designs are sent to be manufactured in India and China. The finished goods are then sent back to the United States to be sold and distributed to retailers and big box stores.

The Challenges

In a typical week, DII completes 100 to 150 purchase orders, with seasonal demands increasing that volume. Order sizes vary; some orders can be shipped in a single box, but larger orders can require six to seven truckloads. To keep up with demand, they began looking for a new system with the capabilities to help them quickly process their wide variety of order types and sizes.

DII’s previous software required many time-consuming steps to process orders; their staff could sometimes spend two hours waiting for a large order to process. To resolve these challenges, DII began to search for a solution that would eliminate time inefficiencies, streamline order fulfillment processes and scale with future growth.

The Solution

DII selected DSI for its mobile-first and cloud-based capabilities, as well as its integration to NetSuite. They wanted a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing NetSuite investment to streamline their warehouse processes but weren’t yet ready for a full-scale warehouse management system. DSI’s status as a NetSuite partner fit the bill. With an in-house IT team, they also wanted software that their team could independently manage.

DII wanted more than just a supplemental solution; they wanted to find a company they could partner with for the long term. Listening to their needs from the start, DSI provided them with an “a-la-carte” solution that was within their budget and delivered in a short time frame. Additionally, using the DSI Platform, DII is now able to create apps that solve their specific business challenges.

DII uses DSI’s Enterprise Printing Platform (EPP) to seamlessly print GSI carton labels for thousands of cartons a week. With EPP, they have experienced no delays with label printing. As soon as an employee clicks “print” in the app, the labels are printed at the selected warehouse—even if they are miles away.

The Results

Since incorporating DSI apps and EPP into their warehouse management processes, DII has significantly decreased order processing time for their warehouse and their corporate office; what used to take two to three hours now takes 45 minutes to an hour. With app interfaces that are easy to learn, training employees to use the new technology takes little time.

“There’s something about DSI and the people that work there,” said Kevin Poole, Director of IT at Design Imports. “There’s a certain trust that you can develop with them that we have not really found to be the case with other technology partners. And for us, that was important. We’re a family-owned company and we tend to choose partners that have similar values in terms of business and people. And that’s what we found with DSI.”


  • Cut order fulfillment times by more than half
  • Streamlined order processing for orders of all sizes
  • Implemented DSI’s Enterprise Printing Platform (EPP) across the warehouse and in their corporate office to speed orders
  • Developed apps in-house with the existing IT team
  • Created a scalable solution to manage seasonal demand and expand with future company growth
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