Monterey Mushrooms

Optimizing the product lifecycle with a single mobile-first solution


Monterey Mushrooms is one of the largest mushroom producers in the United States. Monterey Mushrooms is an end-to-end production company, handling the growing, processing, packing and shipping of their product from nine farms located across the United States and Mexico. What started as an $8 million a year company has grown to almost $500 million, growing more than 200 million pounds of mushrooms every year.


The nature of working with fresh produce means shipping has to be completed on time so that trucks can leave on schedule and the product gets to customers in a timely manner. Monterey Mushrooms processes hundreds of orders every day. To support this large order volume, they needed a robust inventory management system that could perform at the velocity needed to meet customer demand.

Between problems with data integrity, significant lags in printing and little system reliability, they were challenged to move high volumes of product efficiently. Their previous solution wasn’t cutting it; Monterey Mushrooms needed a new solution to optimize business processes.


After searching the market for a reliable, user-friendly solution, Monterey Mushrooms selected the DSI Platform to manage inventory and increase the speed of mushroom production and delivery. They needed something that would optimize processes across the product lifecycle while being easy to administer and maintain, and DSI fit the bill.

“We wished to move to a more sustainable, more stable, more user-friendly kind of product,” said Thomas Nellissery, IT Project Manager. “That’s why we moved to DSI.”


The DSI platform seamlessly replaced Monterey Mushrooms’ previous system, empowering them to quickly boost productivity.

“In my past 20 years or so of experience, I’ve never seen such a smooth transition to go-live. Go-live was like any other day in the office because it was a non-event,” said Thomas Nellissery, IT Project Manager at Monterey Mushrooms.

Monterey Mushrooms now has a much more user-friendly solution that requires little training. Previously, they had to manually enter sales orders for each item; with the new scanning solution, employees can scan the sales order and it automatically goes into the system. Shipping and receiving operations are running much smoother than they were before. Employees have the tools to increase efficiency. They can better catch errors and have more confidence in using the applications.

Monterey Mushrooms is barely scratching the surface of what they can do with the DSI Platform. They will soon extend the solution to the harvesting side of the business and automate cumbersome processes, eventually achieving a fully mobile digital supply chain.


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  • Quick and seamless implementation
  • Minimal training needed for users
  • Boosted efficiency for shipping and receiving processes

“Go-live was like any other day in the office because it was a non-event.” Thomas Nellissery – IT Project Manager, Monterey Mushrooms

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