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Enhancing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 With Mobile Data Collection

PureChem Services is focused on the design, manufacturing and implementation of production, stimulation and fracturing chemicals for oil and gas operators. A division of Canadian Energy Services, PureChem’s corporate office is located in Calgary, Alberta. Its state of the art laboratory and production facility in Carlyle, Saskatchewan boasts computerized blending technology and a staff of highly specialized chemists and technicians—ensuring consistently superior products.

These innovative products are delivered by a large service fleet of treater trucks which provide well site service for lease treatments or bulk delivery to lease operators. PureChem’s information system is Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.


To support PureChem’s rapid growth, the well site service business required a field service automation (FSA) solution to streamline their data collection, improve billing cycles and extend supply chain visibility to remote customer sites. An FSA solution would drastically improve the order-to-cash cycle by removing the invoice delays that happen when field service personnel work across broad geographies with limited or no connectivity to central office billing systems. PureChem needed a system that was easy to use, flexible, scalable and provided seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Further, the FSA solution needed to improve customer service by streamlining delivery of data, forecast production demand for needed chemicals and track inventory levels in warehouses and service trucks. Treater and delivery drivers manually recorded service dates and quantities on paper. At varying frequencies (weekly or monthly), this paperwork was sent to the corporate office where sales orders were created, updated and invoices generated. This volume of paperwork made it hard for PureChem to stay current with invoicing. Given projected growth of their business, it would only get worse.

Inventory visibility at 15 remote distribution centers was maintained in a spreadsheet—a manual process that required significant manual data entry
and rekeying of data. Reordering was also a manual process. The paperwork volume was enormous and the amount of data rekeyed was staggering. With dozens of drivers and hundreds of wells to service, PureChem turned to the DSI® ScanWorkX® field service automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.



DSI® ScanWorkX® business analysts conducted a site visit to a PureChem distribution center and service area. By observing operations, riding alongside field service drivers and conducting interviews with everyone from warehouse managers to delivery drivers, the team gathered a clear picture of PureChem’s challenges. The necessary process improvements were split into three categories:

  • Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012—Needed at all distribution centers to support DSI ScanWorkX field service applications and related truck/ route inventory management
  • Field Service Data Collection—Treater truck and bulk delivery driver data collection on mobile device/tablet applications, that had to work in truly isolated locations with no connectivity. System modifications were made to automate the updating of sales order detail based on data captured by the drivers to maintain route setup through forms management
  • Inventory Management Data Collection—Rollout of DSI ScanWorkX mobile data collection at remote distribution centers to improve inventory management and visibility, reduce paperwork and streamline reordering

Solution Architecture

DSI ScanWorkX “Outside the Four Walls”

The field service applications allow treater truck and delivery truck drivers to collect data as they perform various route transactions. In the field, the drivers can then access route information and perform transactions offline. The mobile app allows them to edit quantities, add notes, enter reason codes for non- delivery, capture signatures and mark routes as complete. Once back online, DSI ScanWorkX uploads the transactions performed throughout the day to the ERP.

DSI ScanWorkX “Inside the Four Walls”

Online ScanWorkX transactions are used at each of PureChem’s distribution centers to manage inventory. In a future project phase, DSI ScanWorkX will be used in the manufacturing plant where production transactions will be deployed to gather value batch process data, quality control data, labor and raw material costs. The analytic lab will also benefit from ScanWorkX by automating the oil and water sample testing by chemists and technicians.


The DSI ScanWorkX field service solution allowed for reductions in delivery errors and improved driver capability, which yielded significant efficiency gains at distribution facilities and service areas. PureChem was able to eliminate paperwork and back office data entry causing a great increase in worker productivity and a significant drop in manual errors. The company also saw an immense shortening in the order-to-cash billing cycle. 
The DSI ScanWorkX team truly delivered the field service solution needed to improve the business and propel growth. The ROI will be significant as a mobile-first supply chain offers much more than just a mobile warehouse.


Manufacturing & Distribution


  • Certified integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • Data is collected in real-time as drivers perform various route transactions
  • Data and route info can be accessed offline while in the field
  • Mobile app allows drivers to capture signatures and mark route completion
  • ScanWorkX uploads transactions performed throughout the day to the ERP
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