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Personalized Inventory Management in the Cloud

Rally House, a national sports apparel and gift store, specializes in immersing customers in hometown pride. The rapidly growing company creates a local experience by stocking products for the teams in that area. To continue bringing that local feel to more customers, Rally House needed to streamline their operations.



“When we had 10 to 20 stores, we could will the company to success. We could just work harder,” Rally House CEO Aaron Liebert said. As the company has grown, Liebert said, “it really became vital that our IT, our technology and our infrastructure could hold up the weight of that size company. DSI and NetSuite provide that scalability.”

Rally House implemented NetSuite to take their business to the cloud. While operating in the cloud frees Rally House from keeping servers and a large IT team to maintain them, the company still had room for improvement. With stores all over the country, multiple warehouses and growing e-commerce business, Rally House identified warehouse management as a top priority.

At Rally House, demand is especially difficult to predict and can change drastically based on the final score of a championship game. “With our e-commerce, we have very unique issues,” Liebert said. “For instance, when the Kansas City Royals won the World Series, our e-commerce demand went from a regular Monday to the busiest day that we’ve had in the history of our company.” Rally House needed a solution to handle their unique customer demand—and they needed it to be scalable.


Rally House found a flexible, scalable solution in DSI. They chose the DSI platform, a Built for NetSuite verified SuiteApp to build persona-based, device agnostic apps that extend warehouse management capabilities across the supply chain. In fewer than 90 days, the company deployed the platform and apps in the cloud.

Rally House also needed a device agnostic barcode labeling solution so they could improve visibility without replacing their existing devices. To meet their barcode labeling and printing needs, they installed DSI’s Enterprise Printing Platform.


Rally House now has a solution that can meet their growing e-commerce fulfillment needs. “What we found is DSI’s been able to do everything that we thought they could do and more,” Liebert said. “The best part of their digital supply chain solution for us is the ability to customize it based on our needs.”

The mobile-first solution expands NetSuite capabilities, allowing Rally House to derive additional value from the system. The solution increases accuracy and efficiency with the following capabilities:

  • Personalized to Business Rules and Roles – Adapts to current warehouse processes, including receiving, sorting, inspection, etc.
  • Extends Warehouse Management – Creates and releases picking waves through the warehouse
  • Deployed on Device of Choice – Includes mobile processing capabilities for both warehouse and retail store inventory

And the solution improves inventory accuracy. “DSI has put in place great restrictions and validations to ensure that we have transparency and clarity to that item and it can’t go wrong,” Liebert said. “Rather than build a system that solves problems when they happen, DSI has allowed us to build a system that doesn’t allow problems.”

Taking Retail Inventory to the Next Level

DSI is helping Rally House to become a digital business. Using App Analytics through the DSCP™, Rally House has greater insight into how their apps and their employees are performing. “DSI tracks all users through all of the activities. So we can measure performance for each role, we can measure productivity, we can measure accuracy,” Liebert said. “There’s a significant amount of dashboards and reports that we’re able to use to maximize our labor within our warehouse.”

The DSCP’s flexibility means that Rally House has more than a warehouse management solution. Liebert said, “As we look internationally, there’s no reason the concept can’t continue to grow and there’s no reason it can’t continue to grow with NetSuite and with DSI.”




  • Extended cloud-based WMS capabilities in a single solution
  • Mobile apps personalized to role, business work ow and device
  • Ship-to-store visibility for Rally House personnel—and customers

“DSI gives us complete transparency to an item from the second it comes off of a truck to the second it goes into a customer’s shopping bag. And that visibility and transparency for us is critical for us to be successful.” —Aaron Liebert, Rally House CEO

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