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Increasing Revenue Generation Through Improved Customer Service

The Solar Business of Schneider Electric is focused on designing and developing products and solutions for the solar power conversion chain and providing best-in-class global customer services and technical support. As the solar market goes through a rapid wave of consolidations, Schneider Electric is one of the few companies that remains committed in its efforts to provide spare parts, service and technical support over the 20+ year life of a solar installation.

The Challenge

To maintain their position as an industry leader, Schneider needed a mobile service application with on and offline capabilities to operate across their global network of engineers. They needed a solution to allow supervisors to schedule and assign service orders to the most appropriate resources and for engineers to have full visibility of customer information, symptoms, fault, diagnosis and parts required.

The Solution

Schneider chose DSI to mobilize their services organization through a mobile field-service solution fully integrated into NetSuite. DSI is able to provide Schneider with a single system of record, off-line capability, certified NetSuite integration and complete visibility across all of their regions in real time. DSI’s products are designed to seamlessly integrate with NetSuite, making solution implementation rapid for Schneider and allowing them to quickly see a return on their investment.

The DSI solution delivery is broken into two phases. Phase one of the field service mobile app implementation allows Schneider to assign service orders to the most appropriate resources and to accurately record start and stop time labor information. Photo and signature capture upon job completion and off-line customer history help Schneider gain full visibility of customer information.

Phase two of the solution adds additional languages to the field service app, provides a customer survey upon job completion and gives Schneider the ability to block out holidays within the scheduling app. The second phase also provides better parts and travel time tracking, mobile device reminders for up-coming tasks and graphical representation of the scheduled tasks.

The Result

“Schneider Electric’s network of over 100 engineers needs the right tools to provide the quality services our customers expect,” said Georges-Henri Mongereau, Solar Service VP, Schneider Electric. “DSI’s mobile apps coupled with NetSuite’s Core ERP functionality will unify our organization, specifically our engineers, and ultimately we’ll be able to provide a better customer experience.”

With DSI’s mobile work order and inventory solutions, Schneider will be able to enhance business processes, including scheduling, photo and signature capture and offline case and task management. Engineers’ processes will be streamlined to ensure customers are served in a timely and accurate manner. This will help Schneider boost their revenue generation and increase overall customer satisfaction, allowing them to build the relationships that create customers for life.


Manufacturing & Distribution


  • Boosted revenue generation through enhanced business processes
  • Improved field-service functionality including off-line capabilities
  • Increased visibility across all regions in real time
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