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Automating Label Printing with DSI Enterprise Printing Platform (EPP™)

Zotefoams PLC is a pioneer and a market leader in the development and manufacturing of cellular materials. Established in 1921, they’re based in Croydon, United Kingdom, with nearly a century of industry experience. Zotefoams’ products are utilized extensively across a range of markets worldwide, including automotive, aerospace, product protection, industrial parts, marine, building and construction, military, medical devices, and sports and leisure. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Zotefoams’ ambition is to become the world leader in cellular materials and is committed to achieving their ambitions through product differentiation and supply chain excellence.

The Challenge

Zotefoams recently migrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Microsoft AX 2012 and needed a dynamic, autonomous label printing solution that could be controlled centrally. The existing solution, which was utilized by all three manufacturing sites in the UK and USA, printed hundreds of labels a day. This cost the business a huge amount of time due to the manual selection process required. With different data fields, formats of the printer, label sizes label designs, there was a high chance of error; and when printing, there was no guarantee the label would print at the desired location.

The business wanted to have complete control of printing and needed a way to centrally update, create, or delete label templates inside their Dynamics 365 environment. This was not possible without the use of a high-cost development team, and they still wouldn’t have the full control they desired.

After evaluating a range of third-party Microsoft solutions, Zotefoams determined the new printing solution needed to provide the following:

  • Remove all manual printing processes and provide autonomy to all users
  • Ability to customize and develop labels internally
  • Not be affected by any future updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Integrate with their existing Zebra printers
  • Easily adopted by users without the need for extensive training

The Solution

Zotefoams selected DSI’s Enterprise Printing Platform (EPP™) to solve its printing challenges. With the capabilities inherent in EPP’s Enhancement Engine, Zotefoams achieved all required functionality by connecting EPP to their own Microsoft Azure SQL database. Now, thanks to the flexibility of EPP paired with the Azure SQL database sitting outside of Zotefoam’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, future updates will not alter the way the EPP operates nor disrupt key processes.

Zotefoams’ Head of IT Mike Richards said, “After evaluating multiple solutions, it quickly became apparent that besides DSI’s Enterprise Printing Platform, no others were able to provide the functionality we desired. As Zotefoams continues to invest in our technical operations, we must implement software solutions that give us full control and form part of our wider digital transformation objectives.”

The Results

Zotefoams has already seen multiple benefits since implementing EPP. They’ve realized extensive time savings as the business has now removed all manual printing processes. Instead, users are now able to print the correct label at the correct location, every time. From a back-end perspective, internal teams can update labels centrally without the need for manual updates. And because the intuitive platform was automated and easily adopted, Zotefoams has saved a significant amount of time training employees.


  • Mobilized printing processes to provide autonomy to all users
  • Printing platform that easily integrates with any future updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Integration with existing Zebra printers and hardware
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