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DSI Partners With DocuSign to Provide Real-Time Contractual Compliance to the Supply Chain

Strategic partnership deliversactionable intelligence to ensure end-to-end inventory visibility and accuracy

Kansas City, Mo. – Furthering its dedication to mobile and cloud-first supply chain solutions, DSI, the leader in Cloud Inventory® solutions, is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with DocuSign, which offers the world’s #1 e-signature solution as part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. The combined power of DSI Cloud Inventory and DocuSign frees up a business’ most important asset, its people, from having to worry about manually tracking contract terms and potentially missing critical contractual milestones.

Integrating DSI’s Cloud Inventory solution with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud will improve productivity in the extended supply chain by directing proper actions based on critical supply chain agreement details. Cloud Inventory users will actively reduce risk by preventing a contractual compliance problem from occurring. Traditionally, inventory and supply chain compliance problems are detected downstream, often too late in the process to avoid costly penalties or hold vendors accountable. This level of actionable intelligence optimizes inventory and increases utilization, keeping the mobile workforce generating revenue and focusing on adding value.

By digitizing supplier contracts and managing them on a central, cloud-based platform, companies can extract clauses and terms from the contract and action them to mobile users based on attributes (e.g. “compliance clause,” “obligation,” “dependency,” “delivery requirement”, “on time in full”) for real-time action, visibility and control. When a clause is changed, it immediately flows across the enterprise, from the details of the contract to the department that must sell, consign, receive or fulfill it.

“This partnership with DocuSign aligns with our core digital transformation strategy on many fronts and can help provide greater productivity, inventory optimization, compliance and revenue generation for our customers,” said Mark Goode, President and CEO, DSI. “By removing the errors inherent in paper-based processes, combined with our mobile supply chain expertise, we are collectively able to help organizations reduce risk and make informed business decisions across numerous industries.”

Examples of enabling supply chain compliance and outcome-based processes through this partnership include:

  • Connecting the supply-side and the buy-side:If the supply-side and buy-side of the business are connected, order changes flow across the entire business. There’s no more purchasing goods or incurring costs that aren’t needed. By linking the supply-side and buy-side contracts create a holistic view of a company’s business.
  • Higher level of compliance to contracts: The ability of a company to deliver on obligations often get missed. Companies must monitor obligations in supply chain related agreements. Business rules can assign these clauses to owners, and push notifications and other alerts to ensure proactive management and fulfillment. Contracting and sourcing processes are brought together to deliver improved supplier negotiations and compliance.
  • Regulatory compliance: Now is not the time for companies to lose sight of contracts and the obligations, compliance requirements, and financial implications. Contracts form the commercial foundation of an enterprise and will be foundational to any strategy for setting a sustainable course in the times ahead.

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