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DSI Receives U.S. Patent for Build Once, Deploy Many Technology

Kansas City, Mo.—DSI® announces the receipt of a U.S. patent for MultiView Runtime Interrogator, an essential component of building “write once, deploy many” enterprise apps on the DSI Digital Supply Chain Platform™.

Developed by Gary Delancy, DSI’s CTO, and Patrick Delancy, Lead Software Engineer, MultiView Runtime Interrogator is a component of DSI’s patented MultiView Form Design technology. The Runtime Interrogator capability allows users to easily develop apps once that enable an optimal user experience based on the device and operating system in use. This capability is especially vital in the enterprise space where apps are commonly deployed not only on iOS and Android, but also Windows Desktop and Mobile as well as cross-platform browsers.

“DSI’s products support the ability to deploy the same business application to all of these platforms without the need to utilize costly native developers for each native toolset,” said Gary Delancy. “Being able to personalize the user experience based on each device’s capabilities and authority granted by the user, without separate builds of the application, is a key strategy we saw as beneficial and why we developed this technology.”

The feature allows developers to include logic in mobile-first apps that determines device capabilities and permissions and automatically changes the app’s behavior at run time. As a result, users can deploy the same app to different device types and it will perform within the constraints/capabilities of that device, without additional configuration. For example, an app that would use GPS location on one device would prompt the user to enter a zip code on a device without GPS capabilities.

The newly patented technology benefits companies deploying DSI’s pre-built mobile-first supply chain apps out of the box. Additionally, companies can leverage the Digital Supply Chain Platform™ to build or customize apps of their own incorporating the MultiView Runtime Interrogator.

“MultiView is a key feature enabling our apps to be deployed across the extended supply chain, regardless of a user’s role, location or device requirements. This patent ensures that our customers have a lower total cost of ownership when deploying apps versus writing native code,” said Matt McGraw, President & CEO, DSI. “I couldn’t be prouder of the team’s most recent achievement and how it reflects DSI’s commitment to innovating for—and anticipating—the needs of our customers in the digital supply chain.”

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