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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX® is built with a tailored user experience in mind. Its agility and configurability enables companies to easily align their business processes with competitive differentiators. To extend your Microsoft Dynamics AX® capabilities with mobile apps, you need a proven mobile-first supply chain solution.

DSI’s Digital Supply Chain Platform™ offers over 200 configurable pre-built apps and the ability to quickly create new mobile-first solutions to meet changing business needs. Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX® through the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX® ScanWorkX® solution speeds the automation of data collection, including tracking, reporting and productivity functions.

Optimize your business processes in the way that fits your workflow with DSI® and Microsoft Dynamics AX®.

DSI’s ScanWorkX® is the only Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX® (CfMD) data collection solution to seamlessly integrate into all AX Warehouse Management Modules in AX 2012 R3 and AX7, including:


DSI + Microsoft Dynamics AX®: Benefits

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  • Powered by ScanWorkX®, the premier CfMD mobile data collection solution
  • Device-agnostic mobile solutions for any native iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or HTML5
  • Mobile-first platform provides support for on-premise, cloud, connected or offline capabilities
  • Real-time console productivity monitoring and reporting
  • Seamless, serious, secure integration

Enhanced Warehouse Management With DSI’s ScanWorkX®

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A smart user interface makes tasks quick and easy. Works with multiple devices including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and HTML5

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Get more done faster with configurable lists of values, smart barcode shortcuts, rapid scanning and both client- and server-side data validation.

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DSI’s ScanWorkX® fills many gaps in native WHS RF including receipt posting, unpicking and transferring reserved inventory—all from your mobile device.



Zurn Industries

“The user interface, smart navigation features, completeness of transactions, and parameter-driven configuration were impressive. We were looking for a product that was easy to set up, easy to use and maintain, and tightly integrated with AX.”
-Lynn Brumagin, IT Director, Zurn Industries

Analog to Digital Journey for SCM Visibility

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