In-Store Logistics

Real-time inventory visibility at the store level, from the receiving dock to point of sale

Accurate View of Inventory Enables a More Personalized Buying Experience

A digital and omni-channel buyer is driving a new view of retail store operations. In addition to providing satisfying face-to-face customer interactions, they must be able to fulfill online orders to support in-store pick up or ship-from-store processes. An in-store logistics system that provides an accurate view of inventory levels is vital to avoid order volume constraints, stockouts and overuse of sales staff in fulfillment operations.

Omni-Channel Fulfillment at Scale

  • Allow customers to shop the way they choose without having to add distribution overhead
  • Real-time view of inventory ensures fluency in the process with minimum impact to the staff or customers
  • Improve inventory turns with the ability to fulfill from store and replenish stock directly to the floor
  • Effectively integrate fulfillment processes into the store environment to meet the expectations of both in-store and online shoppers

In-Store Logistics Features

  • Mobile-first applications to support inbound operations such as product receipt and putaway and outbound operations like picking, packing and shipping
  • Visibility to in-store inventory at multiple locations to support sourcing, store-to-store transfers and sales floor replenishment
  • Backorder and returns management such as Buy Online; Return in Store (BORIS)

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