Gain inventory transportation visibility from the warehouse to your customer

Inventory Accuracy in the Field Ensures a Positive Customer Experience

Inventory visibility from the warehouse to your customer is key to an efficient supply chain. The last mile—or the movement of goods from the warehouse to the final destination—is where customer expectations are met and satisfaction is created. Whether completing a service, sales or delivery activity, accuracy in the field is important. Visibility into how inventory moves in the field is key to achieve this accuracy. Field employees and the partners you rely on need the right mobile tools to be effective.

End-to-End Visibility, All the Way to the Customer

  • Mobile-first, cloud-based solutions to support operations from the warehouse to the point of consumption
  • Visibility across the supply chain, whether operations are being executed by your own employees, your partners or contractors
  • Access to information needed to ensure accurate, timely and efficient delivery of product or service
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing the transparency they need to feel confident in their order’s accuracy

Last Mile Features

  • Field inventory management
  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Service work order management
  • Field sales and delivery
  • Visual merchandising
  • Proof of delivery

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