Warehouse Management

Manage inventory wherever it is in the supply chain—inside or outside your four walls

Track Inventory with End-to-End Visibility

The warehouse in today’s digital environment isn’t confined by four walls. This has left organizations struggling to utilize their traditional ERP warehouse management systems to view and handle inventory. Organizations challenged to track inventory that has moved beyond the traditional warehouse need a cloud-based, digital platform to enable them to leverage mobile warehouse management applications with certified ERP connectors. DSI’s cloud-based digital warehouse management platform provides organizations with the tools necessary to view and control inventory as it travels through the supply chain.

Access Inventory Information Anytime in Real Time

  • Full warehouse management capabilities and performance
  • Automate warehouse processes, resulting in improved productivity, lower costs, increased inventory accuracy and better customer service
  • Provide controlled access for end-to-end supply chain visibility to other business process owners, customers and trading partners by leveraging a cloud-based solution
  • Gain real-time access and insight into inventory information, including remote, satellite and in-transit locations
  • Adapt quickly to changing business situations through pre-integrated solutions at the ERP and device levels, and through simple, easy-to-use interfaces
  • Gain a comprehensive view of inventory, including consignment and vendor-managed, across multiple and disparate ERP and SCM systems

Warehouse Management Features

  • Cloud-based warehouse management
  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Configurable logic builder works with your business processes
  • Real-time inventory visibility from supplier to customer
  • Multi-location support
  • Seamless integration with DSI’s other Cloud Inventory Services

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