Customer Engagement

Deliver customer satisfaction with complete inventory visibility—no matter the channel your customers use—online, mobile or in-store.

Give Your Customers What They Want: Visibility

Give your customers a personalized, mobile-first experience. Whether you’re in service, sales or retail, build customer loyalty with complete supply chain visibility and accuracy. Share real-time inventory and order information to place your customers at the center of your supply chain and optimize their experience with your brand.

Empower Your Customers to Engage More Fully With Your Company

  • Provide real-time product location and inventory-aware availability information to help facilitate in-store purchases
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase customer value by sharing real-time information

Customer Engagement Features

  • Create real-time, on-demand access to product catalogs and related collateral
  • Extend product visibility to enable accurate inventory status and immediate order placement
  • Integrate eCommerce capabilities to increase sales for customers and trading partners
  • Enable customer self-service
  • Personalize the app experience for each customer
  • Gain insight into app use and adoption to deliver a more effective experience

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